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I am a Psychotherapist and Organisational Consultant working with individuals, couples, and organisations. My day can include private individual psychotherapy, NHS teamwork consultancy and University staff supervision…I am equally committed to facilitating personal and professional development within organisations as I am about facilitating self- discovery and healing for individuals. Relationships and thinking ‘beneath the surface’ are concepts that hold great significance for me. Read more…



When a person realizes he has been deeply heard, his eyes moisten. I think in some real sense he is weeping for joy. It is as though he were saying: Thank God, somebody heard me. Someone knows what it’s like to be me.”

(Carl R Rogers)


Organisational Consultancy

“…if we are to understand group, organizational, and institutional behaviour we need to consider the processes and dynamics that occur at three different levels: what we do as individuals, what we do in relationships and what we do in groups…”

(Lionel F. Stapley)


Debbie originally came to work with the Charity I run following a period of restructuring and I was anticipating a couple of sessions of team building to help things settle. What followed was a revelation…….Read more

Dr Tessa Stone, Chief Executive of Farms for City Children – now Executive Director for Devon Guild of Craftsmen

I have worked with Debbie Rowlands for some time, both in her role as Clinical Lead and Organisational Consultant to Saccs. She is a thoughtful sensitive person…..Read more

Dr. Judith Trowell, Psychiatrist

Debbie Rowlands has a wealth of experience in direct work with troubled and vulnerable young people and with their carers.  She has brought this experience forward during…..Read more

Paul van Heeswijk, Psychotherapist


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