Promoting well-being, potential and growth for individuals and organisations…

I am a Psychotherapist engaged in advanced clinical training and an Organisational Consultant. I studied Transactional Analysis to Advanced Diploma level (psychotherapy and counselling) and have a Masters degree in organisational consultancy. My masters training at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust (consultancy services) was underpinned by psychodynamic/systems theory and whilst not the same as Relational Transactional Analysis, the concepts of the relationship being at the centre of the work, and paying attention to unconscious processes, are true to both. Working with people to maximise their well- being and success, whatever success means for them and whether it be on a personal, professional, or organisational level, is what motivates me.

I am also a lover of the great outdoors; coastal walks with loved ones who include a four-legged soul mate, and sea swims are two of my favourite things to do when I am not working.  Fish BBQ’s in the summer and long lazy dinners next to an open fire in the winter are up there too, so basically, good eating and exercise seem to provide me with the balance I need…

Getting to understand the ways of spending my time, and the ways of relating with others that truly make me happy, were significant moments of development for me through my personal therapy and training. Exploring the relationship I had with myself, others and the organisations I worked within, was phenomenally transformative and led me to want to work with clients where our relationship and our ways of relating to the world, form the focus of the work.

Through these pages I aim to explain each role, my approach and how I might support you/your organisation in realising potential and achieving well-being.

Since 1997 I have been fortunate to have been able to integrate my psychotherapeutic and organisational interests through psychotherapy as well as leadership and operational roles.

Working and consulting on ‘the inside’ of organisations as well as ‘outside’ of them, as offered valuable and necessary experiences, insights and learning.  I continue to run an adult psychotherapy practice for adults, consult to and coach individuals and teams within organisations.

The notion that ‘we are not an island’ is a significant metaphor for me and my work. Whether I am facilitating personal, professional, individual or organisational development, I am always holding in mind the wider context; personal history, relationships, as well as the culture of and dynamics within the organisations and communities we live in.  All these things I believe contribute to how we function in the world.

I work with clients face to face as well as via video link.  For some people and organisations online work offers necessary flexibility logistically. Continuing to work with both psychotherapy and organisational clients through covid19, was a reminder that well intended human contact and relationships can develop, deepen, and thrive using technology. As a result, many of my clients have chosen to continue to work this way with me to cut down on travel to support climate change, as well as an attempt to create healthier lives for themselves. For some people, engaging in therapy from their own homes using a screen feels a more comfortable and secure way to engage in the therapy process. For others, it has provided a way of seeing the therapist they want to, regardless to geography…

I hope you find these pages to be helpful and of interest to you.

Professional Credentials

  • BA Hons

  • P.G.C.E (Qualified Teacher Status)

  • Tavistock Consulting Certificate

  • Master’s with merit in Organisational Consultancy

  • Advanced Diploma in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy


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