Over the years, I’ve been privileged enough to have worked alongside some inspirational people.  Here are a selection of testimonials that I have gratefully received……

Debbie originally came to work with the Charity I run following a period of restructuring and I was anticipating a couple of sessions of team building to help things settle. What followed was a revelation. She quickly identified key issues in the internal dynamics and the culture of the organisation which were blocking progress and change, and worked with me sympathetically and systematically to help address those. Being the Chief Executive of a small charity can be a surprisingly lonely role, and ‘coaching’ can feel like an unjustifiable luxury. However, Debbie’s intervention has made me realise just how important it is to have the opportunity to assess experiences and consider future plans in a confidential, objective space with someone who really understands how dynamics and culture can affect individuals and organisations. I can honestly say that working with Debbie has revolutionised how I view and experience my role, and has had a transformational impact on the culture and effectiveness of the Charity I lead.” 

Dr Tessa Stone – Chief Executive of Farms for City Children – now Executive Director for Devon Guild of Craftsmen

I have worked with Debbie Rowlands for some time, both in her role as Clinical Lead and Organisational Consultant to Saccs. She is a thoughtful sensitive person who whilst being very in touch can also face tough situations and make difficult decisions, or give an opinion that is hard to hear but that needs to be said. She is committed to the work with sexually abused children and young people and is resilient so that she can continue to think and function however awful the experience has been for the child or young person. She is a great asset to any organisation who is lucky enough to involve her.” 

Dr. Judith Trowell Consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist, Tavistock Clinic, senior clinical lecturer children’s department Maudsley hospital, Professor of child mental health University of Worcester (formally West Midlands NIMHE).

Debbie Rowlands has a wealth of experience in direct work with troubled and vulnerable young people and with their carers. She has brought this experience forward during the ten years I have known her as a colleague into her role as Consultant to therapeutic and nursing teams, where her qualities of empathy, intelligence and understanding enable professionals to process and contain the emotional impact of their practice. Debbie has excellent personal and professional boundaries and is skilled at providing a safe space for individuals and teams to reflect on the issues that arise for them in the course of their work.”

Paul van Heeswyk – Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist


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