BA Hons degree – Performance Arts and English

I am always aware of how the language we use to describe ourselves and situations can be valuable information. Studying theatre made me realise my interest and commitment to understanding people’s lives; how we have developed, how experiences shape us…

P.G.C.E – teacher training

Teaching for me combined my love of sharing ideas and developing facilitative relationships. Teaching training taught me that how we see the world influences how we make sense of information and how our emotional and psychological development is an important consideration when thinking about how we learn…

Advanced Diploma Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy

Whilst working in a children’s home and studying play therapy, I engaged for the first time in personal therapy. This was a pivotal and transformative time of my life. I knew from this experience that I wanted to work with people in exploring, developing, and nourishing a sense of sense. Transactional Analysis convinced me that we do not have to be a ‘product of our past’. We all have the capacity to be who we want to be, live in ways that provide meaning, purpose, and happiness, to make new decisions and to let go of beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve us well. The training was long and challenging. I came to realise that anything less would have been a disservice to the clients I have had the privilege of working with over the years.

MA with merit – Organisational Consultancy from a systems/psychodynamic perspective

My interest in how we as individuals interpret and respond to the world around us extends to how we make sense of and co-exist in our organisations. The Tavistock training synthesized psychoanalysis, group dynamics and systems theory. Concepts such as social defences and basic assumption behaviours (Bion, 1961) were revolutionary concepts that continue to inform my organisational work…


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