Supporting individuals in bringing the best of themselves to their organisations

Organisations have for some time been acknowledging the importance of supporting their staff’s emotional, physical, and psychological wellbeing. A sense of responsibility twinned with the knowledge that healthier staff make for a healthier organisation.

In partnership with Leah Thomas, a highly qualified, experienced, and talented wellbeing practitioner, I offer bespoke wellbeing packages for organisations who are committed to promoting the mental and physical health of their staff.

We have come together in our work to provide organisations with wellbeing treatments and interventions that are aimed at promoting good mental health, physical wellbeing, motivation, and creativity. A counsellor and holistic practitioner, Leah has developed an impressive practice providing specialist treatments to many individuals, groups and teams. Having worked in the health and fitness sector as well as holistic and mental health, Leah’s knowledge and skills bring additional and exceptional opportunities for the organisations engaging in efforts to enhance the wellbeing of their staff and organisations.

Together we provide complimentary interventions that honour cognitive, emotional, psychological, and spiritual development, that benefit both the employee and their organisation.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and ideas. We can design bespoke packages that support individuals and/or teams through half days, away days, two day retreats, monthly and quarterly events.  We can design interventions around a chosen theme specific to your organisation’s experience, celebrating an event or that simply promote wellbeing acknowledging your appreciation…


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